Ovito - Nutritious Food opens its doors in Porto Alegre

On the 7th of this month, Ovito - Nutritious Food opened their doors to the public in Porto Alegre. Focused on a target audience that searches for a more nutritious and flavorful diet, the company chose to serve a menu with egg-based snacks in a relaxed and fun environment. "Our objective is to offer quick snacks with unique and flavorful recipes, in an environment that inspires good humor and reenforces our values of proximity, quality and excellence in all that we do” states Mário Xavier, businessman behind the enterprise.


The first step performed together with the PR specialist Carolina Casagrande, deepened the brand strategy, starting with the understanding and development of the intrinsic values behind the business, seeking to understand and visualise their main values, objectives and target audience and market. We like to compare this step with the basic foundations of any construction: it’s the base in which we start any branding project: knowing what we do, how we do it and why we do it.  


Finished the first step, we move ahead in search of an original and objective name that holds a connection to the business proposal. It’s an intense period of exchanges, workshops and collective building until we arrive at a solution that meets its demands not only technically, but also sounds good to the ear, has an easy pronunciation and memorization. 


Once the name is validated, it’s time to give it life with colours and forms. Using a specific methodology, we delve into all the visual aspects that make the business, creating not only a logo but a visual identity system that has its own voice and personality. Colours, forms, patterns and applications are part of the brand and its process. “Ovito” became a character that serves as the brand’s spokesperson, carrying with it all the essence and intrinsic values that we determined alongside the client. 


A strong brand is built day by day and that’s why in the end of our process, an active solution with an effective and consistent communication is indispensable as part of the project. All journeys start with a single step - but with a clarity of an essence, objectives, and strong communication, the course is much more stable.

Anatomia Design is finalist on the IDI Awards 2017

Anatomia Design is finalist on the IDI Awards 2017